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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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The Official State of Texas Unclaimed Property Website

Texas has more than 28 million properties from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, overpayments, refunds, insurance premiums and mineral royalties. We guarantee you know of someone who has missing money! It could be you, your neighbor or even a local business. Search now!

There is currently about $4 billion in missing money waiting to be claimed. It's never too late to make a claim, and we are committed to ensuring hardworking Texans don't lose a penny.

Come and Get It!

In fiscal 2015, the state returned more than $249 million to its owners. Find out what you may have been missing by searching our unclaimed property database.

Search Unclaimed Property

This database does not show properties with a cash value of less than $25. However, properties of all amounts are available to claim. If you believe the Unclaimed Property Division is holding your property and your name does not appear in this search, you may contact us or use our Search Request Form for a complete Texas Unclaimed Property search.

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